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Books & Catalogs

Books and Catalogs


Official Catalog of Swiss Watch Repair Parts, Part 1 and 2

Technological Dictionary of Watch Parts, 2 nd Edition

Practical Watch Repairing by Donald De Carle

Practical Course in Horology by Herold C. Kelly

Rules and Practice for Adjusting Watches by Walter J. Kleinlein

Ebauches, SA

Know the Escapement by Homer A Barkus

Modern Methods in Horology by Grant Hood

C & E Marshall, Watchmakers Manual 1949

War Department Technical Manual TM 9 – 1575 / 1945

How to make Jewelry, by George S. Overton / 1927

The Art of Engraving, by F.H. Rees / 1909

Watches, Adjustment and Repair, by Camm

The Escapement and Train of American Watches, by Wilkinson /1928

Time and Timekeepers, by Willis I. Milham

C.& E. Marshall Co. Manual # 219

C.& E. Marshall Co. Manual # 209 / 1954 – 1955

C.& E. Marshall Co. Manual / 1966

C.& E. Marshall Co. Manual / 1950

Service and Repair of the Hamilton Electric Watch / 1959

Quick Fit Material System, Catalog # 568

Bulova Interchangeable Parts Catalog / 1963

Modern Watch Repairing and Adjusting, by John J. Bowman / 1941

Paulson’s Master Swiss Catalog / 1950

Watch Material Distributors Parts Catalog / 1957


Eterna Parts Catalog # 6200 – 3

Eterna – Matic, Parts Catalog

Watches and their Value, Donald de Carle

The History of Clocks and Watches, by Eric Burton

Brittens Old Clocks and Watches and their Makers, by G.H. Baillie

Repairing Quartz Watches, by Henry B. Fried

The Collector’s Dictionary of Clocks by Lloyd

Bestfit Manuals, part 1 and 2

Bestfit Catalog # 101

Swartchild catalogs # 355, 500 – 1951

Marco Mainspring Chart

Bulova Interchangeable Parts Catalog

Accutron Manuals

Quick Fit Material System 1948 Edition

Elgin Service Manuals { blue }

Elgin Genuine Material, Service Bulletins { maroon }……….. Grades, Part Numbers

Accutron Service Manuals

Seiko Manuals, Parts Interchange etc.


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